Meet Istria



Discover the charm of Istria, a beautiful region in Croatia filled with stunning landscapes, historic sites, and lovely towns. In this blog, we'll share top sightseeing spots and hidden treasures that make Istria a truly memorable destination for any traveler.

Explore Istria

Pula Arena

Explore the ancient Roman amphitheater located in the city of Pula, one of the best-preserved examples of its kind. Constructed between 27 BC and 68 AD, the arena was primarily used for gladiator fights and other public spectacles, with a seating capacity of around 20,000 spectators.
Beneath the central arena floor, there is a subterranean section that once housed the rooms and passages for gladiators, animals, and stage equipment. Today, the underground chambers have been converted into a museum showcasing exhibitions on ancient Roman pottery, oil lamps, and amphorae, offering visitors a glimpse into the everyday life of that time period.


Rovinj Old Town

Wander through the charming, narrow streets of Rovinj’s old town, admiring the colorful houses and stunning views of the Adriatic Sea. As you meander through its narrow, cobblestone streets, you’ll encounter a delightful blend of Venetian, Gothic, and Baroque architecture, which reflects the town’s rich history and diverse cultural influences. Take a great walking tour and enjoy sunsets in the harbour.


Euphrasian Basilica

Visit this UNESCO World Heritage site in Poreč, which is an exceptional example of early Byzantine architecture.


Brijuni National Park

Discover the natural beauty and historical significance of the Brijuni islands, a breathtaking archipelago just off the Istrian coast.



Explore this enchanting hilltop town, famous for its well-preserved medieval walls, charming streets, and stunning views of the surrounding countryside.



Stroll through the narrow, cobbled streets of this picturesque artists’ village, known for its vibrant art scene and beautiful views.


Lim Fjord

Take a boat trip or hike along the Lim Fjord, a stunning, narrow bay with crystal-clear waters, surrounded by lush greenery.


Kamenjak National Park

Visit this protected peninsula at the southern tip of Istria, which offers beautiful beaches, clear waters, and scenic walking trails.


Baredine Cave

Meet the mystical world of nature which has been developing for thousands of years, far away from the light of the day and the human eye. Visit the underworld the Baredine Cave. This cave is a treasure chest of stalagmites and stalactites, underworld sculptures created through time by the patient work of water. Such shapes have been created, some of which are exceptional, such as the 10-meter long and high curtains, a very realistic sculpture of Our Lady, the body of a milkmaid called Milka, the leaning tower of Pisa and snowman the torchbearer who has become the trademark of our cave.

An interesting detail of this adventurous trip is also the encounter with the underground world of animals: visitors will see the cave olm (Proteus anguinus), endemic of the Dinaric karst area.