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Istria is a true paradise for food and wine enthusiasts, renowned for its delicious local cuisine and exceptional wines. This charming region offers a rich culinary experience, where age-old traditions meet innovative flavors.

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With a strong emphasis on fresh, local ingredients and diverse regional dishes, this enchanting region promises a memorable gastronomic journey that is sure to impress even the most discerning palates.


Located in the picturesque coastal town of Rovinj, is a fine dining restaurant that has garnered significant acclaim for its culinary excellence. Set within the charming, narrow streets of Rovinj’s historic old town, Monte boasts a beautiful setting that adds to its allure.

The restaurant is known for its innovative fusion of traditional Istrian ingredients with modern culinary techniques, creating unique dishes that both surprise and delight the palate. The menu at Monte is carefully crafted, with an emphasis on seasonality and locally-sourced produce. 

In recognition of its exceptional cuisine and high-quality service, Monte was awarded a Michelin star in 2017, becoming the first restaurant in Croatia to receive this prestigious honor. A visit to Monte in Rovinj is undoubtedly a must for food enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable culinary journey in Istria.

Address: Ul. Montalbano 75, 52210, Rovinj
Phone: 052 830 203

Restaurant Viking

Nestled along the stunning Limski Kanal (Lim Bay), is a popular dining destination known for its delicious seafood and breathtaking views. 

The menu at Viking is primarily focused on fresh, locally-sourced seafood, including mussels, oysters, and fish, which are often caught from the bay itself. With an emphasis on traditional Istrian and Mediterranean cuisine, the restaurant also offers a variety of meat and vegetarian dishes, catering to a range of tastes and preferences.

One of the standout features of the Viking restaurant is its picturesque outdoor terrace, which overlooks the serene waters of the Lim Bay. This idyllic location provides a perfect backdrop for a leisurely meal, allowing diners to immerse themselves in the beauty of the surrounding landscape while enjoying the delicious fare.

Address: Limski kanal 1, 52352, Kanfanar
Phone: 052 448 223


Konoba Oprtalj 

Konoba Oprtalj, situated in the quaint hilltop town of Oprtalj in the heart of Istria, is a charming restaurant that offers visitors an authentic taste of traditional Istrian cuisine. This family-run eatery has gained a reputation for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it a favorite among both locals and tourists alike.

The menu at Konoba Oprtalj showcases the rich flavors and culinary traditions of the region, featuring dishes made from fresh, local ingredients. Guests can expect a range of delicious options, from homemade pasta, truffles, and prosciutto, to grilled meats and seasonal vegetables. The restaurant takes pride in using high-quality produce, often sourced from nearby farms and markets.

Address: Matka Laginje 17, 52428, Oprtalj
Phone: 092 299 0516

Pizzeria Rumore

Pizzeria Rumore, nestled in the historic town of Labin, has earned an outstanding reputation as the home of the best pizza in Croatia. This accolade, confirmed by numerous awards and culinary experts, has turned Pizzeria Rumore into a must-visit destination for pizza enthusiasts from around the world.

The menu at Pizzeria Rumore showcases a diverse array of mouthwatering pizzas, each expertly crafted using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. The pizzeria’s commitment to quality and passion for pizza-making has not only delighted its guests but also helped it garner national recognition.

As a testament to its success, the pizzeria has become a point of pride for the local community and a beloved dining experience for visitors exploring the beauty of Istria.

Address: Šetalište San Marco 77, 52220, Labin
Phone: 052 686 615

Konoba Stari Podrum

Located in the picturesque Istrian region, Stari Podrum is a traditional tavern (konoba) that has garnered an exceptional reputation for its delicious homemade pasta dishes. Among the highlights of their menu are the pljukanci and fuži, two types of Istrian pasta that pair perfectly with the region’s famous truffles.

Stari Podrum takes great pride in preparing these iconic pasta dishes using age-old techniques and locally-sourced ingredients. The pljukanci, a hand-rolled pasta that is both light and satisfying, is expertly combined with a rich and flavorful truffle sauce. The fuži, a delicate, quill-shaped pasta, is also lovingly prepared and served with a creamy truffle sauce, showcasing the earthy and aromatic flavors of Istria’s prized truffles.

Address: Most, 52462, Merišće
Phone: 052 779 152

Velo Kafe

Velo Kafe, a cherished restaurant in Labin, has consistently delighted diners with its delicious, authentic Istrian cuisine for years. Committed to using the freshest ingredients, Velo Kafe ensures each dish bursts with flavor and tradition. For a taste of genuine, mouth-watering local fare that stands the test of time, Velo Kafe is the perfect destination.

Address: Ul. Paola Sfecija 1, 52220, Labin
Phone: 052 852 745

Belic Olive Oil Estate

In the picturesque Istrian olive groves of the regions of Fazana, Galizana and Peroj, the Belic family initiates the same magic life cycle every year – the cycle from the olive fruit to the olive oil, taking its course with full respect for centuries-old traditions while utilizing the latest agricultural techniques and technologies. Carefully selected olive varietals, hand picking of the fruits at the medium stage of ripening, cold-worked pressing within 24 hours, keeping and storing of the oil in air-proof inox barrels, as well as bottling by the strictest technical standards – all synergistically combine to meet the requirements for creating the supreme quality of a signature product Oleum viride.